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PAN Card

You don’t need to go anywhere. Approach us and get it done quickly at GST Suvidha Centers.

Digital Signature

It forms an absolutely important part of the online documentation and we will help you with any related query that you might have.

GST Return Filing

GST Suvidha Center is the place to go if you need to get started with the process by registering yourself or the company.

What We Do ?

We provide to clients on pre-decided nominal prices.



You’ll be greeted by well mannered GST Suvidha Center personnel who’ll be on their toes to help you with your grievances.


You’ll get exactly what you need by our trained GST Suvidha Center personnel.


GST Suvidha Centers aim at resolving your queries in as less time as possible, thereby improving efficiency every passing day.

What you need to know ?

- What is a GST Suvidha Center ?

GST Suvidha Center are the GST Facilitation Centers appointed and Approved by GSPs, these centers will cater to Businesses either big or small and take care of their GST Compliance needs in a cost effective manner. Seasonal Businessmen and Casual Taxpayers can also take advantages of these centers and comply with GST very easily.

- How to apply for GST Suvidha Center ?

For applying for GST Suvidha Center you need to do the following steps
- Visit Masters India website
- Click on Become a Partner.
- Navigate to GST Suvidha Center page.
- Select on click now or call directly on the number given.
- Prior applying for the GSC operator you shall match the eligibility criteria.

- What all services are offered at GST Suvidha Center ?

Masters India Suvidha Center offers below services to their customers:
- GST Registration
- All types of GST Return Filing
- GST Consultation
- ITR Filing and Auditing
- Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)
- Accounting and Book-Keeping
- Investment facility in Gold & Silver
- Legal Services

- Advantages of opening a GST Suvidha Center ?

GST Suvidha Center operator will have various benefits such as
- Self reliant and greater control over the employees.
- More than 50,000 can be earned through the services that GST Suvidha Center provides depending upon the efforts
- Additional services can also be enabled like GST Registration, Company Registration, ITR Filing, Accounting, Auditing, Trademark, Legal Services, etc.
- Flexible working hours which will help them to maintain work life balance.

- What are the benefits in becoming a GST Suvidha Center Operator with Masters India ?

- Training given by Certified GST Trainers
- Best and most user friendly cloud based software
- Local support with State Level Coordinators
- 24 x 7 Online Support

- Who Can Open A GST Suvidha Centre ?

Any Indian Citizen.
– With or Without GST Knowledge.
– With or Without office Space.
– No education obligation.
– Full Time/Part Time/Work from Home.
– Have access to Internet by Phone/Computer.
Example :
– Any existing business owner- Add another business line.
– Any entrepreneur.
– Any one wish to start a new business with low investment.
– Graduates looking for Job.
– Any individual wish to earn extra income.
– Tax Professionals.
– Any one working 9-5 and wish to work in part time.

- What Is The GSC registration Process ?

Upon your successful registration, our GST expert is going to check your pin code and GST Suvidha Center availability. If there is no GST Suvidha Center found in your area, our GST Expert will call you in 24 hrs and request you to submit your Photo, PAN and Aadhaar Card Copies..

- Eligibility Criteria for Suvidha Center ?

There is eligibility criteria you can match the same.
  • GSC Operator must be an Indian citizen.
  • GST Suvidha Center office at least (100 sq ft)
  • GST Suvidha Center should have basic IT Infrastructure (2 Computers, Printer & Internet Connection)

- Get GST Suvidha Center Franchise ?

All you need to check your eligibility and apply application and further approval you training and cloud based GST Suvidha Software .

- Why GSC Is Needed ?

    In short, GST registration is a mandate requirement for anyone who is doing a business.
  • GST is a major indirect Tax reform for the next 20-30 year.
  • At least 8 to 11 fold increase is expected in the absolute taxpayers with the implementation of GST.
  • 5 to 7 crore taxpayer are expected to be part of GST.
  • The GST is primarily based on monthly tax filing mechanism with invoice level filing.
  • Currently there are not enough Tax professionals and consultants available to serve this huge demand.
  • Over 70-80% of the new taxpayer are going to be small business owners.
  • Professional Tax consultants charge a minimum Rs. 25,000 to 35,000 per year for even a small business owner.

    • So you can imagine from above points, there is a HUGE GAP in demand and supply. There are limited amount of Professionals available in the market who can cater to these many ‘taxable person’ like: individuals, HUF, firm, company, LLP, any corporation or Government company, an AOP/BOI, body corporate incorporated under laws of foreign country, co-operative society, local authority, government, trust, artificial juridical person.
      • GST Suvidha Center is aimed to fill this gap with – Simple, Reliable and Affordable GST services by providing a Licence to GST Suvidha Center Owner and back office support to GST Suvidha Center. A GSC does not need to hire any accountant or professional. Moreover, It is not required to have GST knowledge to GSC owner. Everything will be done at our end (back office)
      • GSC shall provide GST and income Tax related all compliance solutions in an affordable range of Rs 12000 to 15000.

- How GST Suvidha Centre Works ? Who Is Going To DO What ?

- Let’s say you become one of GST Suvidha Center partner and start a new GST Suvidha Center, which is possible after a successful verification of your application. We are going to help you by providing all the marketing materials needed to run a GSC. Also, we will support you to place your business in Google and other local marketing channels along with online presence.
- You need to find people (a potential client) around you who are looking for fresh GST registration or GST filing along with other related services which are listed here:
- You don’t need to have GST or Tax knowledge to provide any of the services. You just need to identify, approach and explain the services to your potential clients.
- All the services are listed at a fixed price and we will share the fees/charges which you will receive from client. So, this is going to be a revenue sharing model where you need to identify and source the work from clients and we will be accountable for back office work required to provide the service to the client.
- All you need to do is “Identify the client, Meet in person, Explain the services with charges” and whenever you get new work, send that requirement to our back office and we will be working on it for 24/7.
- The list of services you can offered are listed here : List of Services

- Why GST Suvidha Center Is The Biggest Earning Opportunity In India ?

Let’s say, in first month a New GSC obtain 15 clients and earning X amount from each client.
Since, GST returns filing is a monthly process, these clients are going to give you same X amount for returns filing.
So, your first month earning is 15X.
In Second month, you obtained another new 15 clients, So, in total now you have to do returns filing for 15+15 = 30 clients. Now, your earning is 30X.
If you put your efforts to get new clients every month in same manner, you will have 180 clients in a year.
So, in that case your earning is 180X per month.
This is only for GST filing – Just one service. There are more than 30 services which you can offer to your clients.
Now, considering the fact that these clients will also need accounting services and you are going to get Y amount for that.
So, after 1 year your earning is 180 ( X+Y)
Note : X & Y can be any number and this is used to show the nature of business.

- Services offered By GST Suvidha Centre ?

Level 1 Services:
- GST Registration
- GST Certificate
- GST Migration
- GST Book-keeping
- GST Reconciliation
- GST Return Filing
- GST Surrender
- Opting GST Composition Scheme to Regular Scheme
- Eway Bill

Level 2 Services:
- DSC Class
- DSC Token
- Accounting
- Trademark Registration
- ITR (For Salaried Person)
- ITR (Proprietor Business)
- ITR ( Other Business)
- TDS Return Filing
- CA Certification of ITR
- Balance Sheet & Profit Loss Account
- CMA Report
- CA Certification of Balance Sheet
- Tax Audit
- Udyog Aadhar
- Partnership Registration
- Company Registration
- LLP Formation
- LUT File
- Amendment or Correction in Any Application
- IEC Registration Including Govt Fees
- Proprietorship Registration
- Society Registration

Level 3 Services:
- Loan Facility
- Banking on Demand

- Who We Are ?

- The Indian government along with GSTN are trying to ease the challenges seen by small businessman, seasonal business, shopkeepers and traders who are over filing GST returns & paying a very heavy amount to the professionals. The expansion of GST Suvidha Center will solve all these problem across the country through a franchise model.
- The lack of technical knowledge & fear of costly computers & employees with required skill set is one of the biggest challenge among all businesses. GST Suvidha Center help such businesses as a single point of service center by reducing the cost & specially for those who are doing the businesses around GST limit, that is above Rs. 20 lakh.
- At GST Suvidha Center, we facilitate opening of other GST Suvidha Centers by providing you with all the required details, so you don’t required to put much efforts for it. GST Suvidha Center is a small scale setup where neighbouring clients can register and obtain the GST number, file GST returns and get any GST related query or services of their clients resolved in timely manner.
- Related services like obtaining GST Number, GST returns filing, Bookkeeping, obtaining PAN and other services will also be available for clients with pre-decided reasonable nominal rates. In all the Centers, the rates of the services are standard across the country. GST Suvidha Center works in collaboration with different GST Suvidha Center Provider (GSP) which is authorised by GSTN.
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